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In the continuity of her artistic work, NBCH revitalizes the notion of Decorative Art

Whether it is created from scratch by the artist, or personalized according to your tastes, NBCH offers you to discover her new works : table, shelf, lamp, kitchen, or any other kind of object or furniture which will become an artpiece branded « NBCH »

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On the history of decorative art...

Not to be confused with Art Deco, a movement born in the aftermath of the First World War, Decorative Art appeared as early as the 15th century, after the Hundred Years War. At the time, it is a privilege kept to the wealthy, and it is only during the 17th century that it becomes available to the middle-class. Many artists, including painters, start improving their styles, techniques and workshops to match the growing demands, and some are even admitted into the Courts of Kings, who consider art to be essential to their daily life.