Born in 1971, NBCH (Nicole Bron Chappuis) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in her homeland.

Though she was in regular contact with Pierre Keller (former head of ECAL), she is a self-taught artist who developed her unique technique, blending natural sands, light curves and fine paint splashes through a perpetual graphical search.

Her paintings merge together intense sandy monochromes and multicoloured splatters. They are constantly seeking a balance between the precision of NBCH's gestures and the occasional touch of craziness from the interlacing colours, and allow the artist to share her own perception of a world where purity rhymes with serenity.

Thanks to the universality of her pictorial language, NBCH rapidly found a public in Switzerland, and, for a few years, has been regularly invited abroad to showcase her art, in Barcelona, Vienna, Rome, Paris, but also Beijing, San Francisco or even New York.

Always in search of new ways to express herself, NBCH is, in parallel to her other works, developing a concept with the goal of breathing new life into the world of Decorative Art. Through it, she wishes to take advantage of today's possibilities for her art, and develop her unique works into any form of furniture, whether a table, a shelf, mural decoration, or any other kind of object, in accordance with both her own views and ideas and those of the demand.