Enter a place branded « NBCH »

The now available 3D montage showcases a particular place, designed and built from scratch, where the works of NBCH are available to observe through different viewpoints.

It will later be possible, thanks to a software which is currently in development, to directly control your own movements and explore this world by yourself. To this end, as well as to obtain the ideal presentation and most realistic depiction of her art, NBCH contracted several specialists in this field.

Before the final version is unveiled, you may download the data file as well as the launcher of the first montage by clicking here (150 MB for the 2). You will also need the Unity 3D Web Player, which you can find here (incompatible with Chrome, Firefox is recommended). Simply opening the HTML file with your web browser will allow you to explore NBCH's first virtual apartment. 

Release planned on November 26, 2015